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You need small engine repair for properly functioning equipment
When your small engine is on the fritz, there are a few things you can do to ensure it’s not a minor problem. Before you start any diagnostic work, you should also disconnect the spark plug first.

Fuel: Make sure your engine has clean fuel in the tank. Bad fuel and debris are common causes of small engine equipment not starting properly.

Carburetor: A dirty carburetor can cause improper engine performance because the carburetor regulates how air and fuel move through the engine.

Spark plugs: Check and clean the spark plugs if you’re having ignition problems. Small engine spark plugs should be changed every 25 hours of use, or every season.

Oil: Like your fuel, dirty oil can cause the performance of your small engine to be less than stellar. Check your oil level before you use your equipment each time.

If you’re small engine equipment is still not running properly or you need us to perform the routine maintenance for you, give us a call and we at Rusty Nut Enterprises will happily pick up your lawn mower, rototiller or other item and fix is as soon as possible.

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